How I took part in World Autism Awareness Day

On April 2nd, my friend Haya and I set up a table in our high school (Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School) cafeteria. We had the flag as a banner for our table and were giving out fact sheets on autism and freebies, such as buttons, band-aid holders, stickers, tattoos, and min flags, courtesy of Autism Ontario. I really wanted to have a chance to get my school involved in the awareness day. I am a grade eleven student and this has become an annual event for me. Last year, I set up this table with my friend and in grade nine at my previous high school, my older sister and I set up the display. This year the event was received really well, I almost ran out of some things to give out. It was also a great success because the Ward Councillor (Bob Monette) came out and supported the event. He brought a news reporter with him. This year our event will be featured in the local newspaper that is to come out next week. I am very happy to have the chance to raise awareness for autism.

Raising awareness for autism is a cause that I believe in. My youngest brother was diagnosed with autism about eight years ago. I have seen the milestones, the victories and struggles firsthand. I want to break all stigma surrounding autism. I know that people with autism can do anything! Therefore, I pass this knowledge on to my peers at school to raise an awareness for autism on April 2nd.

By Sara in Ottawa



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