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  • My Late Autism Diagnosis

    My Late Autism Diagnosis

    My name is Ashley. My story is unique in that I was diagnosed with autism later in my life as an adult at the age of 28. I’m currently now 34 years old. Growing up for me had its ups and downs. During school, I was bullied by my peers for having to be in…

  • Dynamic Leaders for Our Children

    Dynamic Leaders for Our Children

    My son attends Earl Kitchener Elementary school, a recognized autistic school for their programs and staff. He began this SK year with great anxiety and fear the first week. We walk to school. Approaching the playground of noise and chaos, walking into the gated area to meet his EA and being physically present in that…

  • The Secondary Social Communication Program

    Seven years ago, my principal came to me and said, “I have a great opportunity for you!”I looked at her with suspicion, because in education, a “great opportunity” often means a great deal of extra work! Building the Secondary Social Communication Program (SSCP) has been a great deal of work,but it has been some of…

  • Meet Sean Sullivan

    Meet Sean Sullivan

    Hi my name is Sean Sullivan, I have Autism, and I am very proud of this fact! I think of my Autism as a gift and super power because I know what it feels like to be rewarded for hard work much more than average and normal people. My Autism has helped me understand others…

  • How I took part in World Autism Awareness Day

    How I took part in World Autism Awareness Day

    On April 2nd, my friend Haya and I set up a table in our high school (Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School) cafeteria. We had the flag as a banner for our table and were giving out fact sheets on autism and freebies, such as buttons, band-aid holders, stickers, tattoos, and min flags, courtesy of Autism…

  • Mississauga School Raises the Flag!

    Mississauga School Raises the Flag!

    To increase awareness for autism, our school (alongside many others) raised the flag to show support from all the students within our school community. By Katherine in Mississauga

  • Embracing Potential

    Embracing Potential

    When I lived in China, I became intimately aware of what it was like to feel isolated. It’s not that I was alone, in fact, I had about 18 million people surrounding me. Regardless of the new friends I was making, the amazing foods I was trying and the wonders of being able to explore…

  • Musing from a Mom

    Musing from a Mom

    Thankfully “Odin’s Story” went viral and social media gave a real problem the attention it deserves! For those who aren’t aware, Odin Camus is a 13 year old boy from Peterborough who has Asperger’s Syndrome (on the Autism Spectrum) and struggles with bullying and being ostracized by his peers.  Last weekend, he invited friends to…

  • A Perfect Square that Cannot be Broken

    A Perfect Square that Cannot be Broken

    When I met my wife Anne 26 years ago, it was an occasion that really should not have led to us being together all these years. I am 6 years older than she, I liked to partake in activities with alcohol, had a tremendous social life, large enough network of friends…..all things Anne did not…