“This project started as an assignment for a club I am part of in high school called the Believe Leadership Course. Since I was young, in elementary school, I have always felt that not enough was done during World Autism Day at my school. I wanted students and teachers to better understand the barriers, challenges, strengths, and skills of people on the spectrum. This was because I had an older brother on the spectrum, and I wanted people to understand him better. My project’s goal was to have an easy and accessible tool for teachers to do with their classes and for principals to do with their teachers to spread awareness and increase empathy. During this process, I realized that I related to many of the autism traits. Upon further research, I was diagnosed with autism myself. I hope that this simple kit can be shared across Ontario in the hopes that people can create a more accepting and comfortable environment for other people with autism.”

– Addison Tuckwell

Addison Tuckwell is an autistic self-advocate who developed this project to share with her high school peers and staff. We invite you to use Addison’s project to help inform your school community about autism — from an autistic person’s perspective. Check out her project below: 


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