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Dynamic Leaders for Our Children

My son attends Earl Kitchener Elementary school, a recognized autistic school for their programs and staff. He began this SK year with great anxiety and fear the first week. We walk to school. Approaching the playground of noise and chaos, walking into the gated area to meet his EA and being physically present in that space was tremendous overload for him. As much as I had prepped him the week before school and everyday as to what to expect, anticipate and self manage, acknowledgements are owed to his dynamic school team.

A team in every aspect of that word. The VP, his 2 teachers, and EA all give their best effort, focus, patience and kindness around the present goals we work toward together, without judgement. Throughout the school day, at any task or play centre, inside or out, they work to guide and support my son to approach, integrate, and socialize. They let him take the lead. Almost every day, we get a quick update. From the way they think and speak about my son to me and to my son, it’s obvious their work is from their hearts.

Inclusion begins with kindness for all.



Hamilton, Ontario

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