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With all the negative stories we hear every day, I wanted to share something I hope makes you smile.

I drove with Matthew for the first time. He was in the driver seat, while I was the passenger; what an ironic metaphor for our journey. After gripping the door handle for what seemed like hours, I got home and cried. I cried for how far he has come. I cried remembering that they told me he may never talk. I cried for all that he has been through. I cried for the hours of therapy. I cried for all the fights with the schools. I cried for the birthday parties he was never invited to. I cried for the the group of true friends he now has. I cried for all the times I wanted to give up. I cried for all the friends and family that loved and supported him and me. I cried for the courageous fighter he has always been. I cried because when he was diagnosed, I saw a future for him that was faced with darkness. I cried because now I see a future of endless possibilities for him. I cried because I know with faith, and God… anything is possible. Miracles happen everyday. So I wanted to share that when the storms of life roll on in, and we can’t understand them, we must hold on to the HOPE and know there is light. It may be behind those clouds for a very long time, and it may take a lifetime to understand, but the light eventually will come. Hope is one of the greatest gift God gives to us. We must trust there is a plan.

I have learned more from Matthew than anyone else I have ever encountered, and have learned more about myself as well, through this 16 year journey. So I wanted to pass this on-live with HOPE. Remember my little boy who couldn’t say Mom, or look at me in the eyes Now has his eyes on the road, while he tells me to stop nagging him about slowing down!

NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD. Believe in Him and the power he has in this world.

Fran Centrella, Oradell, New Jersey

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