Selfie of Jessica smiling at the camera

How I’m So Dearly Loved by My Family

I was born twenty-two years ago to very loving parents. I struggled socially, with emotional regulation and with my physical coordination as a young child. I also struggled with intense interests, repetitive behaviors, stimming, taking things literally, one sided conversations, making blunt statements without realizing they were hurtful, and making eye contact when I was young. My parents and family were very loving and patient and because of them, I’ve made significant progress in all the areas I struggled and still somewhat struggle with. I also have many talents because of my high functioning autism such as the ability to think logically, the ability to remember information more than the average person and the ability to focus intensely when needed. My family is always there for me and loves me just the way I am. I have learned so much from my family and I think my unique perspective has taught them some things as well.


Edmonton, AB

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