Proud Mom

My name is Sarah and I am a proud mom of two boys on the Spectrum – Robbie and James. These two boys have conquered so many obstacles over the past 8 and 9 years! Autism Ontario has allowed my boys to participate is so many social activities that could never have been possible. It has allowed our family to attend and create everlasting memories as at these activities we are not on edge and worried about all the “What if’s” It doesn’t matter if they have a melt down, nobody is judging! For the past 4 years I have stood proudly at the Oshawa City Hall as the flag is raised. It makes me feel supported, not alone. It gives me hope that one day my boys will be fully accepted for who they are. Most of all I feel proud, proud to be the mom of two unique, loving and caring boys. Two boys who have taught me so much!


Sarah, Courtice, Ontario

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