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  • Wizard Mode

    WIZARD MODE is the story of Robert Gagno as he rises up the ranks of the international pinball circuit while striving to gain his independence and transcend the label of autism. This is a short film version of our debut feature length documentary of the same name. The Wizard Mode team is raising funds through […]

  • The Beginning of the Flag Raisings in Ontario

    The Beginning of the Flag Raisings in Ontario

    My daughter was diagnosed when she was almost 3. Through our own challenges I struggled with how people viewed her. There was many comments from family, teachers, etc. saying “she doesn’t look autistic”. I knew I had to do something to promote awareness about autism and how it is different from one person to the […]

  • Embracing Potential

    Embracing Potential

    When I lived in China, I became intimately aware of what it was like to feel isolated. It’s not that I was alone, in fact, I had about 18 million people surrounding me. Regardless of the new friends I was making, the amazing foods I was trying and the wonders of being able to explore […]

  • Together


    A father and his daughter got on the subway yesterday. She was young and in pigtails and she had autism. He held her tiny backpack between his knees as he fished his phone out for her. As he tapped on his phone, the familiar strains of angry birds began to play and a wide smile […]

  • Ce que j’espère au cours des 10 prochaines années

    Ce que j’espère au cours des 10 prochaines années

    Mon mari et moi sommes choyés d’avoir trois belles filles dont nous sommes très fiers. Nous vivons au Nord de l’Ontario et depuis que ma fille, Mélanie, est très jeune, nous savions qu’elle était différente. J’ai décidé il y a longtemps d’être mère au foyer afin d’être près d’elle et de l’appuyer dans son cheminement. […]

  • Commemorating World Autism Awareness Day

    Commemorating World Autism Awareness Day

    April 2nd 2015 is World Autism Day. To commemorate this day you’ll see many buildings and structures around the world lit up in blue, or you may read one of the many news stories or articles in the papers. Most of these articles will focus on the elemental mechanics of autism and also on the […]

  • The Sun in Our Sons

    The Sun in Our Sons

    ~Illuminating, Celebrating and Cultivating the Good in Autism~ “That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?” 1. We Just Need to Take the Time to Look The Honourable Mike Lake’s Statement on World Autism Awareness Day, April 2, 2014: “Mr. Speaker, today is World Autism Awareness […]

  • Don’t judge a book by its cover

    Don’t judge a book by its cover

    From the Blog “Alex and Autism” No story is more “Alex” to me than the one I often repeat about the boys in the beer store. When Alex was about 6 years of age he and I and his sister, who was 4 at the time, stopped by the beer store on our way home. […]

  • One mother’s story – giving hope to each other

    One mother’s story – giving hope to each other

    The year – 1997. Imagine, the excitement of finally having your first born child in your arms after 9 very frustrating and stressful years of infertility issues (high dose medications, IVF, miscarriages). I knew his name years before he was born – Ryan meaning ‘little prince’. Ryan was a beautiful 8lb.6 oz. little boy with […]