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  • Wizard Mode

    WIZARD MODE is the story of Robert Gagno as he rises up the ranks of the international pinball circuit while striving to gain his independence and transcend the label of autism. This is a short film version of our debut feature length documentary of the same name. The Wizard Mode team is raising funds through […]

  • A Perfect Square that Cannot be Broken

    A Perfect Square that Cannot be Broken

    When I met my wife Anne 26 years ago, it was an occasion that really should not have led to us being together all these years. I am 6 years older than she, I liked to partake in activities with alcohol, had a tremendous social life, large enough network of friends…..all things Anne did not […]

  • Happy Birthday Matthew!

    Happy Birthday Matthew!

    Today is my son’s 22nd birthday. Matthew is a handsome, blonde, blue-eyed, tall young man. Matthew also has autism. He is non-verbal, needs 1:1 support, has had behavioural isses throughout his life, and will always require support. He does not understand the dangers that you and I do – stopping and looking before crossing the […]

  • ASD and Me

    ASD and Me

    As a person with High-Functional Autism (or HFA), I would like to share with you how I got my social skills improved in such an exponential rate that I have never expected to happen, but I am humble and glad that it did. There is this popular animated TV cartoon show from Hasbro Studios by […]

  • The Sun in Our Sons

    The Sun in Our Sons

    ~Illuminating, Celebrating and Cultivating the Good in Autism~ “That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?” 1. We Just Need to Take the Time to Look The Honourable Mike Lake’s Statement on World Autism Awareness Day, April 2, 2014: “Mr. Speaker, today is World Autism Awareness […]

  • One mother’s story – giving hope to each other

    One mother’s story – giving hope to each other

    The year – 1997. Imagine, the excitement of finally having your first born child in your arms after 9 very frustrating and stressful years of infertility issues (high dose medications, IVF, miscarriages). I knew his name years before he was born – Ryan meaning ‘little prince’. Ryan was a beautiful 8lb.6 oz. little boy with […]

  • Lucky


    Our family joined Autism Ontario in 1993, twenty years after it began and shortly after our daughter Grace was diagnosed with autism. Our membership number was 109, hinting at the humble beginnings of this organization at the half-way point in its history. But that was also a different time: when Grace was diagnosed, we were […]