School Giving Challenge

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Join the Celebrate the Spectrum School Giving Challenge

Your school could win a profile in Autism Ontario’s Autism Matters magazine and widespread recognition on our social media! Nominate your top fundraising student and they could win an iPad! From April 1st to the 30th, participating schools will compete for the honour of being the Top Fundraising School for 2023!

Join the challenge by registering your school and rally your students around this limited-time competition to face off with a rival school for some healthy competition for a good cause!

What motivated the Celebrate the Spectrum School Giving Challenge?

Each year on World Autism Day we ask our community to celebrate the extraordinary world of autism, to learn more, and to give in support of Autism Ontario.

Students are some of our most active supporters and champions. These inspiring, young autism advocates work together to help make the world better for the autism community. They organize fantastic, innovative school fundraisers that add up to make a big difference. They also motivate us every year by raising funds for Autism Ontario, and we could not be more impressed and grateful!

We created the Celebrate the Spectrum School Giving Challenge so that we could celebrate and recognize these wonderful students and their schools for their contributions to autism advocacy. We also wanted to encourage some healthy competition in support of our mission to make Ontario a better place to live for autistic people.

Why get involved?

By holding your own school fundraiser in support of Autism Ontario, you will teach your students valuable lessons about community, giving, and about the critical importance of supporting classmates and breaking down stigma about autism.

What is the Celebrate the Spectrum School Giving Challenge?

The Celebrate the Spectrum School Giving Challenge is a month-long contest for schools to fundraise in support of Autism Ontario, and to learn about philanthropy and the extraordinary world of autism.

Here’s how it works

  1. When you are registering to participate in Celebrate the Spectrum, nominate your school as one of the fundraising teams in the Celebrate the Spectrum School Giving Challenge.
  2. Your school will automatically be added to a Celebrate the Spectrum School Giving Challenge online donation form so that your supporters can contribute to your campaign directly; we’ll send your point person instructions and tips by email.
  3. Get inspired! Be creative! Encourage your team to find a fundraising activity that works best for your school.
  4. Check out the Digital Toolbox assets below to help spread the word about the campaign and motivate your team.
  5. Share your campaign on social media, and tag Autism Ontario to extend your reach! #CelebrateTheSpectrum and #AOGivingChallenge
  6. Submit all your donations by Friday, May 12 to wrap up your campaign.
  7. Stay tuned for an announcement about the winner on Tuesday, May 16! We will send an email to the winner before celebrating their success publicly.

How we can help your team!

To make the most out of this challenge, we have put together some helpful resources to help you prepare, launch, monitor, and gather results for a successful campaign!

Check out our resources. We can help you with social media images to let your communities know you are participating, postcards you can email to encourage donations, a giving page where people can donate directly to your campaign, and more!

Digital Toolbox

We can help you spread the word your campaign!

We have put together some useful, ready-to-share social media messages to help you spread the word to your donors.




Social square


Want to help your team plan the campaign?

Check out the Celebrate the Spectrum School Giving Challenge Checklist to help keep everyone on track!

The Donation Form

Encourage online donations from your wider community!

Friends and family can make donations directly to your campaign through the Celebrate the Spectrum School Giving Challenge Donation Form.

If you registered as a fundraising school, you will see your campaign listed. Next, make sure you link all your ads to the form and share it widely!


Wrapping Up

Fill out the form to accompany cheques made in support of your campaign.

This is also where you can nominate your top fundraising student for a chance to win an iPad.