Each year on World Autism Day we ask our community to celebrate the extraordinary world of autism, to learn more, and to give in support of Autism Ontario.

Autism Ontario is a charitable organization that provides support and resources to individuals and families in the autism community throughout Ontario. Our programs are funded by a variety of funders, including individual and organizational donors, families, schools, and students who care about their autistic classmates and want to make a difference. 

Each Spring, in celebration of World Autism Day, we celebrate the spectrum while raising awareness and funds that help to create a more inclusive Ontario for autism. 

If you would like to participate in Celebrate the Spectrum by making Autism Ontario a charity of choice in April, we welcome your donation — no matter the amount. Your support makes a big difference to the people we serve.  

Ways to donate include making a financial contribution through our secure online donation form, or hosting an event or fundraiser to inspire your community to contribute. If you are a student, you can encourage your principal to join the Celebrate the Spectrum School Giving Challenge. 

However you choose to give to Autism Ontario, your contribution will help to make Ontario a better, more inclusive place for autistic people and their caregivers.